Cytomegalovirus infection (CMV) during pregnancy

Let's continue the cycle of articles about the future mother's health and talk about a rather serious and dangerous disease - cytomegalovirus infection (CMV): what makes it dangerous during pregnancy, how it gets into the body and possible prevention methods. How is infection with cytomegalovirus infection Infection into the body is possible in two ways: airborne and sexual.

Calcium during pregnancy

The onset of pregnancy for each woman carries a lot of changes, including in the diet. Some, having heard many different tips, try to eat “for two”, others act more correctly and try to make their diet more complete and balanced. But today we are not talking about the dietary habits of expectant mothers, but about the importance of calcium during pregnancy.

What gift to get a child for 1 year?

The first children's birthday is usually celebrated on a special scale. On it, as a rule, they call all family members, friends and even acquaintances. Parents with special excitement and trembling are preparing for the upcoming holiday. But the guests themselves are preparing even more, puzzling over what to give to the birthday man.

Which script to choose for christening?

Baptism is a sacrament, during which the child has a guardian angel. From this day on, the baby has godparents who must participate in its development, life, and spiritual and moral education. Very often, parents try to capture this bright day in memory. To do this, they hire photographers, videographers and invite all guests to celebrate the holiday.

Children with Edwards syndrome: diagnosis and description of the disease

After Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome is the most common chromosomal disease. Since the predictions for children suffering from this pathology are the most disappointing (fatal or deep oligophrenia before the end of life), parents need to know what this deviation is, when it can be diagnosed in order to make the right decision in a timely manner, leave such a baby in the womb or abort pregnancy.